404 Fuzz

$225.00 - $245.00
404 Fuzz

The 404 is what started this company, a germanium fuzz face circuit voiced to my specifications. I've spent a lot of time with, and a lot of money on various fuzz faces and variants to arrive here, with this. It is tuned for a loud, aggressive, full-range wall of sound with a quick clean up into open overdrive and then into glassy cleans. Think Diaz Square face with a little more ass-end. From the manual:

-A carbon zinc 9v battery is included inside. This is the preferred way to power this fuzz. There is no DC jack, and powering with AC converters and adapters is not recommended for best results.* The battery will last a calculable, but nevertheless arbitrarily long period of time, long enough to preclude doing the math here now.
-Unplugging from the input jack turns the battery off.
-There is no LED because it would drain the battery faster than the fuzz.* You’ll know when it’s on.
-This next point is very important, so I have capitalized the text so that hopefully you read it: THIS FUZZ SHOULD BE THE FIRST PEDAL IN YOUR CHAIN. This circuit has an extremely low input impedance which in effect fuses itself to your guitar’s circuitry and does not sound any kind of acceptable if it instead sees a buffered signal, say, from your Boss tuner.
-If there are any issues with your device, the first thing I will ask you is: IS THIS FUZZ THE FIRST PEDAL IN YOUR CHAIN?
If the answer is YES and you still have issues, I will warranty service for a calculable, but nevertheless arbitrarily long period of time.
-The knob on the LEFT is volume, the knob on the RiGHT is fuzz.

*For a $20 fee, I will include a DC jack and/or LED for your pedal.

*Color / Knobs / Aesthetic subject to availability and at my discretion.



*LIFETIME WARRANTY - if it's broken, I'll fix it. If you break it, I'll fix it for cost of parts and shipping. Doesn't matter if you're the original owner or not. However this does not extend to customizations or modifications or tone-chasing.

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