7/29/21 - Surprise! Still busy! And also, with shows returning to reality at my "Real Job", my time is becoming a bit more scarce. I've been periodically pausing repair intakes to give myself time to catch up and provide the quality of service I'm accustomed to. Please use the contact page or email to ask about availability. Worst case, you'll be waiting about two weeks to drop off. 

I'm working on a rough "flat rate" fee for Tascam Portastudio restoration. This includes:
-complete disassembly and cleaning. 
-restore mixer to full functionality
-new belts, pinch rollers, idler tires
-new VU meter bulbs if necessary
-head polish, machine lubrication
-speed and level calibration
-new tactile switches if necessary
-replace electrolytic capacitors as necessary
Prices start at $250, and the unit is warrantied for 6 months.

it's really fun work for me, I love the machines and I want them all to stay working! Hit me up.  

4/8/21 - I've been swamped with hi-fi, tape deck, and amp repairs the last two months. Not complaining, but I haven't had much time to make pedals until now! A fresh full restock of the standards in red are headed to Tone Shop, I'm working on a batch of 202 and 406's that will be ready to ship with no lead time. 

    In the meantime, I'm still working on repairs. If you'd like to contact me by phone please text. Email is still the best option all around. will get to my inbox. Thanks! 

1/16/21 - 202 percolators and 406 Silicon fuzzes are now available for order. A shipment of red 707, 406, 303, and 202 are headed to Tone Shop Guitars in Dallas in the next week. 

I'm in Triage-Mode this weekend with repairs and also an in-depth overhaul on my van, but parts are in stock turnaround is still under 2 weeks. Thanks! 

12/29/20 - Testing.... Got an ultrasonic cleaner today, but I don't know where to put it. I also don't want to solder anything at all. Still waiting on 1N695 diodes to arrive from Melbourne, they're needed for 202 builds. Also need to start workin on batch of pedals for Tone Shop. Will ride bike first....