202 Percolator - PRE ORDER

202 Percolator - PRE ORDER

**This is a PRE-ORDER offered at a discount! Pedals will ship within 4-5 weeks, tops!**

The 202 is based on the nigh-inimitable Interfax Harmonic Percolator, with a few tweaks of my own. As with the 404, I've done my due diligence in testing and studying a lot of varieties and breadboarding all kinds of variations until I've arrived with a pedal I think is worthy of release into the sea of available options. I’ve used old stock OC72/2n281 and Fairchild 2n3565 transistors, along with increasingly hard-to-find 1n695 diodes, which are the correct original part for a strong octave effect.
Each of these machines have the potential to sound different than each other, and interact drastically differently with guitar, pickup selection, pedal stack, and amp. At once you’ll notice a fierce, unforgiving upper midrange bite, with a lower octave undertone supporting your notes as you move up the fretboard, almost like a reverse-octavia. Dialing back the knobs transitions unruly, mangled chaos into a surprisingly usable overdrive tone. Many tend to like this in front of a slightly overdriven amp, or stacked in front of another gain pedal as a tone shaper. Use it like a Fuzz Face and roll your guitar’s volume back for slinky, jangly overdrive with the roar a mere touch away. There are many sweet spots here, and I’m going to let you quit reading and discover them all for yourself.

This pedal uses a standard negative-ground power supply scheme, however it is highly recommended that you use high quality isolated power, or the provided 9v battery. Lifetime warranty applies.

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