707 Fuzz - PRC - PRE ORDER

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707 Fuzz - PRC - PRE ORDER

**This is a PRE-ORDER offered at a discount. Pedals will ship within 4-5 weeks or less.**

In short, this is my favorite fuzz circuit. My Flagship pedal. It roars, it snarls, it crumbles, it breathes; the texture is deep and complex, yet pliable and never stiff or opaque. The natural gate snaps the whole world back into context, reminding you how fearfully loud the pedal actually is, in spite of the low noise floor. I could go on and on, but really, I’m a busy guy and you’re about to find out for yourself.
This edition uses carefully selected CV7355 transistors cascading into a high-gain Chinese 3AX31C. The gate is strong with this one, and there is no lack of animosity on tap.

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