303 Boost

$225.00 - $250.00
303 Boost

The venerable Rangemaster treble boost circuit, with a variable input cap for dial-a-snarl. Every unit is built to order, hand-wired on terminal strips using premium NOS input/output capacitors and a hand-selected, individually biased germanium transistor. Usually these will come with RCA 2n414's, but I have several other options available. From the manual:

This is a primitive, bare-bones transistor gain stage based on the Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster, truly the Occam’s Razor of guitar effects. At the heart of the machine, I use an RCA 2n414 germanium transistor*, which I like for its clarity, smooth transition into overdrive, and woody quality.
The left knob controls the amount of boost, the right knob varies the frequency range that is boosted. Counterclockwise is standard rangemaster treble boost, where your low open E is at unity gain, and you start to hear a pleasant soft distortion and volume boost as you move up in octaves. There’s a familiar sounding midrange bump that will instantly remind you of some classic recordings that you never knew were rangemasters straight into a Marshall (or Laney Supergroup *wink*). Moving clockwise, the knee of the boost’s range moves lower in octave, until at 7:00 you have a raw, full-frequency boost with the never-harsh, saturated germanium transistor clipping that makes these a favorite. You can go everywhere in between with your guitar’s volume knob.

*Transistor subject to availability. Check drop down menu for options.

*Color / Knobs / Aesthetic subject to availability and at my discretion.



*LIFETIME WARRANTY - if it's broken, I'll fix it. If you break it, I'll fix it for cost of parts and shipping. Doesn't matter if you're the original owner or not. However this does not extend to customizations or modifications or tone-chasing.

  • Stock - 2n527 / CV7355
    10 available 100%
  • Premium - RCA 2n414
    5 available 100%
  • Russian - ГТ402Ƃ - higher gain
    10 available 100%
  • European - 2n281
    10 available 100%