707 fuzz

707 fuzz

In short, this is my favorite fuzz circuit. My Flagship pedal. Based on the nigh-unobtainable Elka Dizzy Tone (a close cousin to the Burns Buzzaround, and more distantly related to the MkIII Txnebenders), but using a more aggressive transistor set and a few tweaks of my own.

It roars, it snarls, it crumbles, it breathes; the texture is deep and complex, yet pliable and never stiff or opaque. The natural gate snaps the whole world back into context, reminding you how fearfully loud the pedal actually is, in spite of the low noise floor. The controls are interactive, and it's made where every setting sounds good. Also works excellently for bass. This fuzz into a hiwatt will change your life. I could go on and on and on...

Two versions here: one is slightly higher gain using Japanese 2SB176 transistors, as available. PNP operation means this will not work with cheap daisy chain power supplies.
The second version uses NPN Amperex 2N2450 in q3, driven by some really nice sounding UK military OC140's in the darlington driver. NPN operation means this will work with daisy chain power supplies, however the provided 9v battery or isolated power is recommended.

-Controls are, from left to right: SUSTAIN, BALANCE, and ATTACK.
Sustain controls the amount of saturation to the third gain stage, fully clockwise can get you into saggy-bottom Neil Young territory. Balance is the closest thing you have to “volume” however in the strictest sense it does not work the same way. It may more accurately be named “Intensity”. Attack is somewhat analogous to “tone”, but also does not work the same way. Counter-clockwise is “thinner” and clockwise is “fatter” - it could also be renamed “focus”.
-All three controls are interactive: you may not hear a huge difference in sustain or attack with higher balance settings; you may hear a volume drop with thinner attack settings, and can compensate with higher balance; you may like a lower sustain setting if you have gain stages before the pedal. My favorite setting is all three knobs at 2:00.

*Color / Knobs / Aesthetic subject to availability and at my discretion.



*LIFETIME WARRANTY - if it's broken, I'll fix it. If you break it, I'll fix it for cost of parts and shipping. Doesn't matter if you're the original owner or not. However this does not extend to customizations or modifications or tone-chasing.

  • Stock - PNP
    3 available 30%
  • NPN (negative ground)
    10 available 100%